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Guides & Tips Sex Toys Vibrators

The Benefits of Vibrators: How to Enhance Your Sex Life and Health

Aside from being straight-up amazing, sex toys also have numerous health benefits. When you use a sex toy, you might get more than you bargained for. Sexual pleasure is pretty much a guarantee. But did you know that using sex...
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Penis Extenders Sex Toys

Penis Extenders For Erectile Dysfunction

There are millions of men suffering from impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction or ED. Some of them seek professional medical advice on what to do. Others undergo surgery that’s potentially dangerous for their lives. To many, a satisfying sex...
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Guides & Tips Sex Toys

Cock Rings For Erectile Dysfunction

Luckily, if you suffer from ED, you can get one of many medical devices or sex toys that help with erections. This article will cover essential details specifically related to cock rings and how they can help treat ED. In addition, we...
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Guides & Tips Pocket Pussy Sex Toys

What Are Masturbators? 10 Facts You Need To Know About This Popular Sex Toy

Let's discuss masturbators. For a long time, the sex toy market favored women, providing an array of products to enhance their masturbation and pleasure. But, on the other hand, men had to rely on their hands and a box of...
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Guides & Tips Strapon

What Is a Strap-On?

If you are a fan of tv-shows like "The L Word," "Broad City," "Sense8", and "Orange Is the New Black," you've probably noticed some of the steamy scenes featuring its royal highness — a strap-on. But if you rely solely...
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Guides & Tips Penis Pumps Tips For Couples Tips For Men Tips For Women

Should Size Matter? What to do if Your Partner Has a Small Penis

During the many open conversations our culture and society have regarding sexuality, three words get asked without a definitive answer or conclusion–does size matter? Much like the preferences of art, literature, and film, the answer is one that’s completely subjective...
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Guides & Tips Vibrators

How to Choose the Right Bullet Vibrator for You!

Orgasms are so beneficial to our bodies that frequently having them is practically a form of self-care. Reaching an orgasm makes our brains release feel-good chemicals which make us happier, less stressed, and less anxious. Orgasms increase blood flow and...
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Guides & Tips Sex Toys Vibrators

Why Do You Need A Vibrator? 8 Reasons Every Woman Should Have One!

Vibrators are slowly but surely becoming a staple item in bedside drawers across the US. Vibrator use is more common than you might think. It seems like everyone has a couple of clitoral vibrators or even a rechargeable battery-operated G-spot...
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Sex Toys

Can I Desensitize My Clitoris From Using My Vibrator Too Much?

One of the advantages of living in the society we currently do is that sexuality has become a topic that’s much more accessible to talk about. Once a taboo topic with a heavy stigma attached that was discussed in whispers...
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Guides & Tips Rabbit Vibrators Vibrators

Why You Need A Rabbit Vibrator

Although it's been a few decades since rabbit vibrators became overnight sensations, their popularity is still relatively high. Everyone knows about the mighty rabbit ears and just how beneficial they can be for a woman's sex life. However, a rabbit...
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Guides & Tips

Tik Tok Sex Hacks: The Ones That Work and Why

On any given day, content on social media confronts us with a never-ending supply of conspiracy theories, life hacks, hot takes, celebrity gossip, and pictures of food in dazzling high definition. Thanks to the video-sharing platform TikTok, sharing footage of...
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Guides & Tips Penis Pumps Sex Toys

How Can A Penis Pump Help Me With Erectile Dysfunction?

Penis pumps make penises bigger. But can they help treat erectile dysfunction, and how effective are they? Has it ever happened to you, our fellow connoisseur of penetrative sex? You tried to have intercourse, only to find that your erectile...
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Dildos Sex Toys

The Best Dildos for Beginners

Buying your first dildo sex toy is an exciting and daunting task because a lot of research and thought goes into making a decision. Furthermore, if you're still trying to figure out what you like regarding penetration, sex, and masturbation,...
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Guides & Tips Sex Toys

Important Steps To Get Your Sex Drive Back

Whether you refer to it as your sex drive or your libido, the aspect of it becoming diminished is certainly a frightening one. Human beings are very sexual by nature, and unlike most animals except for dolphins, our sexual behavior...
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Body Massagers Sex Toys

Learn How to Squirt With a Body Massager

Although there's been a lot of sex talk in the past couple of decades, some things about our bodies remain a mystery. One of those things is highly sought after among pleasure-seekers — squirting. As a result, squirting is having...
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Body Massagers Guides & Tips Sex Toys Tips For Women

How To Choose The Best Magic Wand: A Complete Guide To Buying Your First Body Massager

Muscle stiffness and pain are a standard part of everyday life for many people. In fact, one study shows that most Americans — 58.9% of adults — live with persistent, chronic pains. However, only a few have the money and time to...
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Guides & Tips In the News Lingerie Sex Toys Tips For Couples

The Etiquette of Sexting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several decades, then you’re aware of the process known as “sexting.” In the 90s, not everyone had access to a cell phone, so texting was usually done in the form...
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Dildos Guides & Tips Sex Toys Tips For Women

Can Dildos Cause Miscarriage?

Is it okay to continue using your favorite dildos when expecting? While being pregnant is a beautiful experience, it does require many lifestyle changes. With so much talk about what you should or shouldn't do during pregnancy, you might wonder...
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Guides & Tips Sex Toys Vibrators

The Benefits of Using a Vibrator

2020 was quite an interesting year, to say the least. With the fallout from a global pandemic sweeping across the entire planet, millions of people adopted new habits such as social distancing, quarantine, and zoom meetings. This meant that a...
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Guides & Tips Vibrators

Can Vibrators Treat Depression?

Can vibrators and other sex toys help with depression? Yeah, not a sentence you were expecting ever to read, right? And while that might sound silly on the face of it, there might be some merit to answering that question....
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