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Guides & Tips Tips For Couples

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Couples

The holidays are here, and you’ve probably got a long list of gifts to buy for everyone in your life. What are you and your partner doing for yourselves this year? Instead of buying a new kitchen appliance together, why...
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Dildos Guides & Tips

8 Reasons Your Dildo is Better Than Your Ex

We all have that one ex, right? The one we can’t stop thinking about, good or bad. Either they lied and cheated in the worst way or they might have been the love of our life, but now we’ll ever...
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Guides & Tips Uncategorized

How Masturbation Affects Your Romantic Relationship

Masturbating, or "wanking" as it is referred to in the U.K, doesn't have to be something you give up when you are in a committed, romantic relationship. It can be a great way to relax and give yourself pleasure, but...
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Guides & Tips

4 Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

No matter how strong your libido might be, we always could use some advice to improve the quality of our sex life. You and your partner share a very special connection, going the extra mile to strengthen it can only...
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Guides & Tips Vibrators

Relieving Stress Through Masturbation (Yes, Really)

For generations, masturbation was one of the “evils” that puritanical thinking sought to combat. It was a deed that was said to cause blindness or result in unwanted hair accumulating on the palms of one’s hand. Of course, both of...
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Guides & Tips Tips For Couples Tips For Men Tips For Women

Tips for Staying Present During Sex

Turn inwards… Mindfulness practices often focus on turning inward. Do a full-body check to assess where there is any tension, openness, or not much sensation. Observe the part of your body where you feel your breath most,  such as your...
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Guides & Tips

Prioritize Your Pleasure

Pleasure is a wonderful feeling that deserves so much more emphasis than we commonly place on it. Many people have been unfortunately conditioned to think of pleasure as an earned reward rather than a routine activity. Making pleasure a priority...
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Guides & Tips

Things You Always Wanted to Know About Sex Toys But Were Afraid To Ask

Years ago, sexuality was a subject not to be discussed in public. If sexuality was taboo, you better believe that toys of a sexual nature were thought of in the same way.  That’s just the thing, we’ve come a long...
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Guides & Tips Tips For Women

Sex Facts That Relate to the Vagina

The Clitoris Is Queen-Sized Believe it or not, the clitoris is much larger than many of us realize. Most of the clitoris is positioned inside of the body and can be compared to the size of a penis. When soft,...
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Guides & Tips Vibrators

Jack and Jill Adult Holiday Buying Guide

The time is coming quicker than you realize. The holiday season is in the final stretch, which means racing to get that special someone in your life the gift they’ve been dropping subtle hints about for several months. And if...
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All Items Guides & Tips

Giving the Gift of Sex

There’s no time of year more stressful or monetarily consuming than the holidays. For these few months, life becomes unbelievably hectic as we scramble to get all our affairs in order and get the important people in our life presents...
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Dildos Guides & Tips Vibrators

Putting Your Self-Care First

We may often feel pulled in many different directions and never seem to have time for ourselves. Reserving ample space on the calendar for taking care of our own personal needs is absolutely vital so that we can live our...
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Guides & Tips

How to Use a Suction Toy

Some sex toys are a little more straightforward than others. If you've heard of suction toys and you're curious how they work, continue on for a how-to guide: Suction toys are designed to provide clitoral stimulation without touching the clitoris....
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Guides & Tips

Fun Facts About Sex Toys

Let’s talk about sex, baby. To be more specific, let’s talk about the toys you have in your bedroom. They’re great, aren’t they? Whether you’re planning a solo flight or embarking on a wonderful night with your partner, accessories can...
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All Items Guides & Tips Uncategorized

How to Care for Your Sex Toys Properly

You want to care for your sex toys to maintain their quality and cleanliness. Proper sex-toy care can help your sex toys last longer and help you stay hygienic when using them. Here is how to care for your sex...
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Guides & Tips Uncategorized

Guide to Threesomes

Threesomes can be an exciting and pleasurable experience. Thinking about having a threesome? One out of five people have thought about a threesome, and one out of seven people have engaged in one. Here is your guide to threesomes: No...
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Around the World Guides & Tips In the News Tips For Couples Tips For Men Tips For Women

Traveling with Your Toys

In Stephen King’s novel, Gerald’s Game, a couple abscond to a remote location for a private getaway. Their intentions of taking their sex life to new heights are thwarted, when Gerald suffers a fatal heart attack after tying his wife...
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Guides & Tips

3 Things to Have Better Sex for a Lifetime

Who doesn’t want better sex for a lifetime? Jack and Jill Adult is thrilled to offer three things below that can help you attain heightened erotic experiences throughout your life. Stress plays a major factor in putting a damper on...
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Guides & Tips Tips For Couples

Sexy Ideas for the Bedroom

Sexuality is a fundamental part of being human. Maintaining healthy sexual chemistry between you and your partner is important for any relationship to function. To do this, attraction and compatibility are certainly important, but spontaneity and thinking outside the box...
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Guides & Tips Tips For Couples

Habits to Improve Your Sex Life

Stop smoking. Since nicotine constricts blood vessels, smoking can cause damage to arteries and veins. The tiny blood vessels located within the penis are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of nicotine. This in turn can create the dreaded consequence...
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